Sohail Lab @ Swarthmore College

Understanding Peptide Self-Assembly Using Fluorescence Imaging

Welcome to the Sohail Lab!

Research in the Sohail Lab involves interrogating the physical process of soluble peptides (small proteins) assembling into insoluble fibrils (fibers) consisting of hundreds of thousands of peptides. Our projects will investigate how assembly and structure differ for amyloid fibrils that are functional or associated with human diseases. Lab work ranges from preparation of pre-synthesized peptides in different solution conditions (pH, salt concentration, temperature), fibril imaging using our Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscope (FLIM), and lifetime analysis. Fibril assembly can happen through many co-present, but distinct pathways and we seek to understand the heterogeneity of the process through imaging individual fibrils. More details about our research can be found here.

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